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RESET: Day 12

As we begin our approach to the last days of the second week of this fast, we take a breath to inhale the goodness of the Lord. It is possible, that we have not seen the manifestation of all the things that we have put before the Lord during this fast. This is a good day to simply be grateful - grateful to know and be in relationship with God; grateful to have a heart to seek Him and to be in His presence; and grateful for His faithfulness to answer our cries.

What do you have to be grateful for today? What are you thankful for? How many blessings can you count?


Today, Lord, I will declare your goodness and gracious love bestowed to me continually. I am the blessed of the Lord and, by faith, receive all that God has for me. I trust in the God who does ALL THINGS well!


  1. Bless someone by encouraging him or her to count their blessings!

  2. Wave your prayer requests before the Lord, casting all your cares on our God who cares for you.

  3. Journal your times in the presence of the Lord

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