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RESET: Day 21

The Lord Abundantly Bless You this year!

As we come to the end of these 21 days of fasting and prayer, early in the new year, I offer this prayer for you:

I declare and believe over each one of you, the blessings of the Lord that make rich and add no sorrow. That your prayers and petitions be granted as God has marvelously planned your destinies. I declare favor like you have never seen! That God will open doors to new opportunities. That his healing will be realized in every instance of sickness and disease. And, that you have more than enough for every need according God’s riches! I declare that you are restored in joy, and peace, and have victory over every conflict.

I declare that God will bring every high place down and that every crooked place in your life will be made straight. I declare that turnaround is released in every area of your life that needs new direction-be it physical, spiritual, financial or relationships.

I declare and believe with you that all of your unfulfilled promises be realized this year! That you are many steps closer to your new destiny and even higher heights. That the joys of this year will overwhelm the sorrows. That your best days are yet to come and God is glorified more than ever before in all that you do and say.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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