Life Lessons from the Parables of Jesus

Rev. Kathy Smallwood is conducting an 8 week series on the Life Lessons From the Parables of Jesus.

This series takes place every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. ET

on our Facebook Page, @MorningStarConnect.NY.

The replay will be posted to our YouTube page, Morning Star Connect, on the following Friday at 8:00 p.m ET

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Daughters of the Dust

African Women in the Bible

During Women's History month, Rev. Kathy Smallwood conducted a series on African Women in the Bible from Eve to Jezebel!


You can find the recordings on our YouTube channel, Morning Star Connect, or by clicking "View Now".

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The Black presence
in the Bible

During Black History Month, Assistant Pastor, Neil Ferguson taught a series on The Black Presence in the Bible.

We learned that African's are represented throughout the scriptures from the Old to the New Testaments. 

You can find the recordings on our YouTube channel or by clicking "View Now".