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Types of Fasts

Soup or Liquid Fast

Don’t be afraid or intimidated and think you cannot do this fast because YOU CAN! Remember God knows your heart and it is God who accepts your sacrifice!


As the title implies, on this fast, you eat one bowl of soup a day. It is suggested that you have your soup in the middle of the day, say around 3:00 pm or so, unless you work at night. The time of day you eat is strictly up to you.


There is no scripture precedent for this fast, it was designed to give some sustenance during a prolonged fast, as opposed to a strictly liquid fast with broth and water.

Mushroom Soup

A Bowl of Soup

Your soup should be mostly broth but can be any type of soup you prefer. However, you should take caution in choosing soups after the first three days or so. For example, heavy cream-based soups like chowders can cause discomfort, so I recommend soups that are easily digestible. This is due to the fact that as the fast progresses, you will become more sensitive to the ingredients in your soup. You will find that simple soups with mostly broth is best. Also, I would avoid any soup with pork or red meat – again, this is just for your benefit as you progress in your fast.


If you are using only liquids in your fast, you will be either drinking broth and/or juices.


If you choose to buy juice, be aware of the fact that many purchased juices have a high sugar content and low nutritional value. Therefore, you may want to juice your fruits and vegetables yourself and/or purchase high quality vegetable and fruit juices. If you are juicing, you can proceed as if you were on the Daniel Fast but only use juiced fruit and vegetables. I recommend juicers that emulsify as opposed to the traditional juicers that leave out or discard nutrient-rich pulp. Again, however, this is totally your choice.

Juice Bottles

Note: Fasting alone is just modifying your diet. If you want more out of your 21 days of fasting, be sure to read the other 6 topics (Finding a Place and Time to Pray, Consecration While Fasting, Journal Your Fast, etc. to enhance your fasting experience and get ready for an awesome 2024!!!


Before starting your fast, you should speak to your doctor. You must not rely on the information in this manual as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.

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