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RESET 2021 Day 1: The Father Hears

Today is the first day of MSC Reset2021, our annual 21 days of fasting and prayer! This is the first year that we actually started the fast on a Sunday — giving us 3 full weeks of fasting and prayer. So, we are excited that in starting something new, that we should expect something new!

Today, I went for a short walk in the park to get some fresh air. While I was there, I heard a young child call for his father. “Daddy,” he cried — not with a sense of urgency or trouble but with a sense of confidence and assurance. What I heard in his voice was that he knew that when he called on his father that he would get his attention and he would take care of whatever he needed.

During these 21 days of fasting and prayer, we’re calling on the father, in the name of his son Jesus Christ! We are calling with confidence in assurance that he will reset our 2021! We are confident and assured that he will reset our mind, our body, our spirit and our circumstances!

We call on the father, in the name of the son Jesus Christ, to reset our nation in the midst of a deadly pandemic and it’s horrific consequences. We call on him to reset the very seat of our government — our democracy which is under unprecedented attack!

We call on the father these 21 days with confidence and assurance that he will hear us and answer our cries!


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