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RESET: Day 7

Weekend Challenge!!!

Welcome to your first weekend, days 6 & 7 of your 21-day fasting journey. Congratulations on making it!!! Don’t worry if you made a mistake; don’t quit! The Lord honors your sacrifice and is faithful to hear your cry!

For most, the weekend is a time to catch up on all the things you don’t have time to get to during the week. You run errands and complete important personal tasks. What time is there to get to all those things otherwise? However, as you go on your way, don’t forget the 21-day Weekend Challenge!

That is, challenge yourself to spend a little more time in spiritual disciplines - having devotion, reading scripture and praying. Remember, during the fast, you want to pull yourself in as much as possible so that your fast is not simply going without food or changing your diet for a period. Fasting can change your life in profound ways. So, go ahead, take the challenge! It is well worth your time!


The Lord has strengthened me to complete that which I have started. I will be steadfast and unmovable in my resolution to seek the face of God in fasting and prayer. I am doing a good thing and will not be stopped, for the Lord is being glorified in my sacrifice.


  1. Review posts for days 1-5!

  2. Take the Weekend Challenge - Spend more time praying, reading, and studying scripture over the weekend!

  3. Journal your answered prayers and breakthroughs.

  4. Pray for others on the fast.

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