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RESET: Day 6

God Will Turn It Around For You!

Whatever you need “turned around” - be it a broken relationship, a wayward child, a job or career change, the terror of lack or not enough, or health problems - just know that God has not forgotten about you. Neither is His ears too out of range to hear you, nor His arms too short to help you.

Fasting should not be employed to demand things of God or to use Him as a genie in a bottle; scripture however, show us that fasting gets God’s attention. Many times when fasting was used in the scriptures, it was used in desperate situations (see Ester 4:16, Jonah 3:5, Ezra 8:23). No matter how desperate your situation or how long things have been going in the wrong direction, be encouraged because God is turning it around for you.


I am grateful for the goodness of the Lord. I will not complain, rather, I will make my request known to God with thanksgiving. I will live in a place of gratitude to God and trust that all I need, do and will be, is in the plan of God!


  1. List at least 5 things for which you are grateful.

  2. Testify of God’s goodness. Share at least one of those things to encourage someone else.

  3. Say “thank you”.

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