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RESET: Day 5

Developing a Daily Habit of Prayer

Although we enjoy being in the presence of the Lord, there are so many distractions that keep us from our prayer and devotion time. While we are exhorted by scripture to pray without ceasing, the avoidance of taking the time to sit, sing, read and pray is a challenge for most of us. Although some churches do not, many churches have daily prayer times for corporate gatherings of believers who are fasting during this time.


I am grateful for the goodness of the Lord. I will not complain, rather, I will make my requests known to God with thanksgiving. I will live in a place of gratitude to God and trust that all I need, do and will be, is in the plan of God.


  1. Journal your fast or at the very least, with expectation, journal your prayer requests and answers.

  2. Observe your set time and place for prayer.

  3. Drink plenty of water!!!

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