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RESET: Day 4

Getting in the Zone!

For me, Day 4 is usually the day when two things start to happen:

First, it is the day I start to really feel a difference on how easily I can get into the presence of the Lord or to feel His presence with me. It is amazing! You don’t have to push past as much of yourself or stuff that gets in the way. You can simply reach a place of being in God’s presence with much less effort. The scriptures tell us tat there is joy in the presence of the Lord and it is such a peaceful joy.

Second, it is usually on around Day 4 when I begin to feel one of the greatest benefits of fasting and that is the feeling of being above my problems. I call it living in the “Zone.” Your problems are still there but you don’t see them in the same way. They don’t seem to bear down on you and burden you the way they did before. There is something about fasting and praying that elevates your spirit and allows you to begin to see things through the eyes of faith and hope.


Lord, I thank you for the positive change in my life. I thank you for the shifting and the realignment. I thank you for renewing my spirit for living life as you have ordained. I thank you that I possess all I need in order to fulfill my destiny. Thank you for a new day!!!


  1. If you have not had a bowel movement over the last three days, consider an enema or very mild laxative.

  2. Expect your healing or the healing of those for whom you are praying!

  3. Rehearse healing scriptures!

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