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RESET: Day 15

This is the Lord’s day - the Christian sabbath - a day filled with church and tasks to get ready for the work week. As you wind down for the evening consider journaling your fast. At this juncture in the fast, I trust it bears repeating...

One thing that has always been a blessing to me during any prolonged fast is to journal my prayer request, spiritual experiences and reflections of my times in prayer and meditation. But even if you decide not to journal or keep track of your fast in some way, you should definitely create a prayer list. I found creating a prayer list is a wonderful way to keep a record of those things that you want to keep before the Lord during the fast.

I create several prayer lists: one with spiritual goals and desired; another for those for whom I am praying for salvation, healing and deliverance; yet another for personal needs and wants; and yet another for city, state, national and global governments and humanity as a whole; and so on.

I cannot underscore the power of the journey of prolonged fasting. It is a wonderful time of renewal that begins with writing down what it is you are fasting for or about. Sometimes in prayer, I just wave my list before the Lord. For while God already knows what we are in need of before we ask, He uses the vehicle of prayer for us to make known our request to Him.

During your fast, you will gain clarity on issues and answers to questions that you have before God. Use your fasting journal to capture those moments of enlightenment, and use a notebook you have around the house or create an online or word document (offline) to chronicle the last week of your journey of fasting and prayer. Your choice, but what method you choose, I encourage you to make the choice to journal. You’ll be glad you did!


As I enjoy this the Lord’s day, I will take time to make or add to my prayer list and continue or begin to consider the past few weeks. I am strengthened by my journey so far to continue and trust God for a “Turnaround” in areas of my life that need a new direction! Thank your Lord!


1. If you have not already, add your community, the nation, and our world to your prayer lists.

2. If you are doing the one meal or bowl of soup, you should probably have taken an enema by now to avoid the effects of little fiber and roughage intake.

3. Encourage someone who is on the fast.

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