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My Personal Tribute to Mother Smith

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

My personal tribute to Mother Mary Smith is in the context of the great women of her era, raised in the south with those undeniable southern sensibilities. Her grace and genuine charm were her calling card. She greeted you with such sincere love that you could not help but see the beauty of the Father in her eyes, in smile, in her words.

I see her as part of a tradition of women who were built strong by their mothers and the village that raised them. She was a no-nonsense woman yet had the compassion of a servant of Christ. She was protected the flock with her words of instruction and reproof when needed but with kindness and care. She worked tirelessly to build up and not tear down everything and every person God assigned her.

I found Mother Mary Smith her to be like the Mary’s at Jesus’ tomb, eagerly waiting to minister to the master. Like Mary, the sister of Lazarus, she loved the Lord and joyfully served him! Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, she was highly favored of God! Like other Mary’s at the cross of Jesus, she would never forget the transformative power of an encounter with the Christ.

When I came to Morning Star Church, a senior pastor for the first time, I was empowered by her fervent prayers, equipped by her wise counsel, and encouraged by her testimonies of God’s faithfulness. She supported me, loved me, prayed for me and cared for me.

She will forever be part of the fabric of the Morning Star Church and will forever be part of the tapestry of my life! I was beyond honored to know her and to be called her shepherd.

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