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From Vision to Victory

MSC Church Dedication

Grace and Peace Saints and Friends:

On this occasion of the church dedication of the Morning Star Church, I am so grateful to God for his faithfulness! God has always shown His glory through those who would trust him and this is the testimony of Morning Star Church!

On the third Sunday of January, seven years ago, I was voted in as the sixth senior pastor of the Morning Star Church. I accepted the call to pastor because I believed that God himself was doing the calling. That was an important point for me to remember because the next two years would be two of the most difficult years in the life of the church. Within my first six months pastoring, Morning Star was homeless. We had huge liability and no funds or ability to acquire credit.

I’ll never forget, Bishop James G. and Dr. Phyllis Frazier Rodges who went into their personal retirement to help us. Bishop Errol O’Savio and Bishop Carl Lewis supported us with financial support and leadership from the New York State Council. Likewise, Bishop Carlton T. Brown gave wise and priceless counsel as we made our way through the tangled web of legal decisions and negations. Also, God gave us legal counsel, I. Murrey Targonwick, who has proven to be a true friend of this church. Through it all, daily God showed that his gracious hand rested over us.

On one occasion, I had received a threatening call by an authority who said they would destroy the church building, this would have would greatly reduce its value. I called the person who was in charge and shared what had happened. His response, “Pastor Frazier, I would never let them do anything until I talked with you.” As he spoke, he was doing the talking but I heard God speaking. The building was not demolished! God gave us the victory as he had done so many times before and continues to do, to this day.

After seven years of homelessness, which included four places of worship and no place to call our own, God gave us this church building for His glory and for the upbuilding of His kingdom! And, it was worth the wait!

God has surely blessed us and is blessing us like only He can. Glory to God – He has taken us from Vision to Victory! So today, we celebrate the faithfulness of God! He is great and mighty and has done great things for the Morning Star Church!

We look forward to the great things He has in store as souls are saved, people healed and delivered, lives changed for the better and God’s glory revealed in us and in His holy temple!

With a heart of gratitude,

Pastor Beverly


Church Dedication Service (Day 1) with Bishop Kevin Dobbs

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Church Dedication Service (Day 2) with Bishop James G. Rodges

Sunday, October 31, 2021


Thank you for your support.


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