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MSC Newsletter January/February 2021

From the Pastor's Desk Worship Gatherings In-person gatherings are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.
We meet virtually every Sunday at 11 to view the weekly sermons on our
YouTube channel: Morning Star Connect . Key Dates Happy New Year! All are welcome to partner with us during the RESET 2021 - 21 Day Fast ; January 10-31, 2021. Join us on our prayer calls Monday-Friday 6:00 to7:00 a.m. and 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. (Dial: 267-930-4000 | Code: 588.228.157#) Why do we fast Fasting is one of several spiritual disciplines (meditation, prayer, study, worship, service, etc.) that engages believers for the purpose of spiritual development. In other words, as seen in scripture, we are challenged to grow in Christ. As we develop physically, aging from an infant into a full-grown adult, we also develop spiritually; growing and strengthening our Christian walk. We have no greater example of the importance of fasting than in the life of Christ Himself (Matthew 4:2).
Remember, EXPECT GREAT THINGS!!! #RESET2021MSC Reset 2021 Fasting Journal Please make a small donation (optional) then download below. Upcoming Events ( Calendar ) Connect with us Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Website | (212) 283-1300

MSC Newsletter January/February 2021
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