Updated: Feb 21

Journey to Resurrection Sunday

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 marks the first day of the Lenten Season. The Roman Catholic Church observes Lent as part of its Liturgical Calendar. There are some mainline churches that also practice a form of Lent, for example the Presbyterian Church, The Methodist Church, The Episcopalian Church just to name a few. Lent is a season where we prioritize our vision, refocus our attention, and seek for a deeper relationship with God through the journey of Christ to the Cross and the power of His Resurrection. It is a time of contemplation. It is a time for deeper connection to draw nearer to our precious Lord Jesus Christ. This is a season to bring a sacrificial offering to God through self-denial. It is a season to do a self- examination to bear fruit of repentance to God. It is a season to spend time with God and enter into your prayer closet!

During Lent, individuals make a determination of something that wish to “give up” in this season. For example- one might give up ‘chocolate or sweets entirely’. Someone else might give up- fast foods or snacks. Someone else might take a Lenten break from social media or television. The idea is that when you make this sacrificial offering and the desire rises up within you for that thing- instead of reaching for the thing, you reach for Christ, you remember the sacrifice of Christ to save your soul. You reach for your Bible and read the scriptures instead of eating the sweets or streaming your favorite show.

In the Reformed liturgy for Ash Wednesday service, the following is read:

We begin this holy season by acknowledging our need

For repentance and our need for the love and forgiveness

Shown to us in Jesus Christ. I invite you, therefore in the name

Of Christ, to observe a Holy Lent, by self-examination and

Penitence, by prayer and fasting, by practicing works of love,

And by reading and reflecting on God’s Holy Word.[1]